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SafeSquid as a product has a truly global outlook. An extensive documentation is available, that can help to improve your understanding of the product.

Mere installation of SafeSquid takes less than 3 minutes. But then you would surely want more than that. We do believe that you would want some reliable assistance to translate your CIAP into SafeSquid's rules; or configure log-analyzers and a host of other third-party software that are compatible with SafeSquid; or set-up clusters, etc.

We strongly believe that most people who put SafeSquid into production environments, would measure a solution's reliability by not just the software's features but availability of support, whenever required.

Technical Support ranges from helping a Linux newbie in setting up the server to use, and extends to addressing the issues that would appear only during a complex network architectural demand. You’ll get help when installing, configuring and upgrading our products and resolving any technical issues. And, we don’t place limits on how much help you can get. Raise as many support incidents as you need to—if you’ve got a problem we want to fix it.

Good Customer Support has always been SafeSquid's most important USP. Delivering the benefits of SafeSquid to users all around the world, has been one of the key focus areas, since the very inception of the product. Just as the development team researches to improve the benefits delivered by SafeSquid, the Tech Support too improvises, to bring newer ways of helping you to get the best out of SafeSquid.

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