SafeSquid Appliance Builder

Build your own Web Filtering Appliance


Before coming to SAB we should first understand SafeSquid.

What is SafeSquid?

Web Filtering can be managed very efficiently by SafeSquid based Secured Web Gateway. Which provides you with a very strong defense against malware threats. SafeSquid Web Filtering Internet Proxy can be installed on any Linux or Microsoft Windows based system, and can be integrated to any third-party software or network service for content analysis and security. SafeSquid’s unique design allows you to scale the capabilities of your Secured Web Gateway with best TCO / ROI that fits your financial budgets. SafeSquid’s unique real-time content analysis and security capabilities arguably provide the most extensible, scalable and customizable solutions for a Secured Web Gateway.

While the process of just installing SafeSquid takes approximately 2 minutes, but the process of tuning up the system, for optimum performance requires more care. SafeSquid Appliance Builder (SAB) eliminates the risk of “guessing” correct steps by ensuring installation of only necessary packages, and thus easily achieving best performance.   

What to expect

SAB has been designed to be an open-architecture platform that can be efficiently used in production environments. But you will also find it to be an excellent “Boiler-plate”, for building your own enhanced and maybe even better solutions like Wi-Fi Hotspots, or UTMs.

SAB is a customized version of Ubuntu’s (14.04) minimal.iso that is popularly used for network installation. You may thus view SafeSquid Appliance Builder as a “time-saver” that helps you to efficiently setup a Secure Web Gateway.

SAB simplifies the performance impacting systemic configuration of caching name server, TCP tuning, etc. It also makes the process of integrating SafeSquid to your Microsoft® AD based networks very easy.

SAB automatically downloads and provisions newer versions of SafeSquid, for smooth upgrade.

SAB at the moment completely disables IPv6 because of limited compatibility of SafeSquid SWG with IPv6. Shortly IPv6 support will be enabled. Some minor tweaks to your Secure Web Gateway should, be enough to take advantage of IPv6, then.

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